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The CPS Mail Program- What To Expect

  • Response rates vary by region, time of year, franchise type and size of dealership.
  • Our experience shows a 6,500 piece mailer will generate 70 leads on the low end, and 130+ leads on the high end.
  • Most dealers with an edequately managed sales staffs will close between 6% of responders on the low end and 15% of responders on the high end. (Closing ratios mostly depend on the ability of your sales team to properly work subprime responders and your available inventory.)
  • These response rates and closing ratios translate to a low end ROI of 2X your investment to a higher end ROI of 5X or more your investment.


The CPS Mail Program- What You Need To Succeed

  • Make sure your sales staff, closers, desk and receptionists are versed on how the sale works.
  • Check and recheck to be sure "responders" are getting worked properly and in a timely manner.
  • Set a plan on where the calls are going to be routed and what you are going to do if the call volume becomes too heavy for the designated staff to work properly.
  • "Dry run" a few sample calls with your staff to be sure they can answer some basic customer questions:
    1. Why was I selected?
    2. Is this offer for real?
    3. How does it work?
    4. What cars are available for sale?







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